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R300F, R300F-30, R400F enrobing machines for fondant

Enrobing and melting machines


Machine to enrobe confectionery products using fondant, sugar-based coatings, chocolate compound or other coatings that do not need tempering. Coatings are melted by bain-marie and mixed to maintain an even temperature. The bowl, that features a capacity of 30 kg for the R300F and R300F-30 models, whereas 40 kg for the R400F model, it is made of stainless steel AISI304.  Moreover it is equipped with a swinging mixer and a removable helix screw for a fast cleaning that moves the coating up and recirculates it through an exit spout. The machine is equipped with a 250 mm wide stainless steel enrobing wire mesh belt for the R300F model, 300 mm for the R300F-30 model and 400 mm for the R400F model and it has an adjustable recovery bowl and a lowering device for plunging the product deeper into the coating to ensure the entire bottom of the products is perfectly enrobed. Standard equipment also includes a single-curtain dispenser for total enrobing, an air blower (with adjustable airflow speed) and a wire-mesh belt beater; a tail-cutting device with both adjustable speed and rotation direction is available on request. The machine is also equipped with a flow-stopping foot pedal and a programmable dosing system and an automatic starting timer. Moreover the product flow is adjustable.

Technical features

Bowl capacity: 30 kg
Dimensions: mm 1370 x 900 x 1500h




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