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R260-S, R260-S-INV, R260SI, R260I-S-INV Filling machine

Cooling tunnel, melting tank, spinning machines, filling machines


Dosing-filling machine perfect to be used in pastry shops to fill croissants, doughnuts, cream puffs and horns, etc. with products of a semi-liquid consistency such as creams, jams and sauces. Standard equipment includes 4 injection nozzles (one featuring a double spout), all provided with a drip-stop valve. Dosage can be adjusted mechanically from 0 up to 96 cc while an electronic system via a keypad regulates the number of dosing cycles to be performed. Designed for thermo-regulated connection to a heated hopper. The dosing unit can be easily removed for a fast and deep cleaning.

Technical features

Hopper capacity: 15 kg. Available a model with inverter for the adjustable speed R260-S-INV and a model with stainless steel structure R260I-S.



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