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FILLED pralines / bars molding line

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FILLED pralines / bars molding line.

This line allows to produce filled chocolate pralines / bars on mold automatically.
The operator, who loads the solid chocolate into the melting tank, monitors the level of the filling in the OneShot, the quantity of molds in the loader and the molds coming out of the demoulder.
The remaining production is automatic.

Once the chocolate has melted in the tank, it is transported to the tempering machine which carries out the tempering process.
A 3-way valve allows you to transport the tempered chocolate to the OneShot.
The OneShot doses the praline or bar already onto the mold (single operation).

On the left of the machine there is the CAR-ST or the loader for molds. A tower allows you to stack the molds which are then heated with lamps before entering the OneShot. Once dosed on the mold, it enters the VIB275 which removes any air bubbles.

After there is the vertical tunnel which, saving a lot of space in the laboratory, cools the molds.
We offer two versions, one with 56 mold capacity and one with 90 molds.

At the exit then the mold enters the DEM275 or the demoulder. The mold is turned 180 ° and the chocolates fall onto a carpet, ready for packaging.

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